Things to look for when buying SEO businesses for sale!


Google is progressively making alterations to its algorithms which give most SEO businesses a challenge this is why many don’t understand it when they spot an SEO business being sold. You should not be worried since the facts leading to this are not negative. It could be that the owner of the SEO wants a more challenging SEO translating to much more returns. A good SEO will sell itself without much strain however a number of businesses especially those that have a restricted budget on marketing should be sold for the old-fashioned SEO profits. Here are things to look for when thinking buying one

  1. Have a look at the portfolio

It is advisable to check the history of the clients they were dealing with regardless whether the SEO was referred to you by a close friend. Get to know whom they have been with and what outcomes and results did they eventually get? Take a keen look at their portfolio and check the projects they have undertaken so as to understand the type of clients they were dealing with. Although this will basing on your preferences which you may decide to choose. Look for what would make their business succeed in the near future. If the business has a wide customer base it will let you have additional options in the scenario that the business fails in a particular industry.

  1. How do they find business?

How does the SEO get their customers? Is it by the customers approaching them or do they do a search for new customers on a daily or weekly basis? Have they allocated advertising costs in their budget? If you want to buy an SEO business for sale which acquire jobs from very big companies and agencies it means that they surely are experienced and can build partnerships perfectly. This, in turn, means that you’ll not need to keep on looking for clients since they already did that for you.

  1. Have a look at their reviews

Many people would check out the TripAdvisor before going ahead to book for a holiday. This feels like a normal and obvious fact but reading customer testimonials and reviews are the best to evaluate the capability. This means that they can confidently stand in the middle of a packed market as the ideal business to hire. An SEO will have clients who are satisfied when it gives satisfactory quality. This confirms that the business is well established and possibilities of it being referred in the future are very high.

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How E-Commerce Can Help You Start Your Own Business Today


Starting a business is probably everyone’s wish. We say wish because most people would want to but find it extremely difficult to start. This is because of various reasons.

Fear of failure

High on the list is the crippling fear of failure. Fear of the level of risk and sometimes painstaking work and commitment involved in running a successful business. What you may fail to understand and will find interesting is the fact that present world-leading entrepreneurs did not find business success with one shot.

Take the business Mogul who is the current CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, his philosophy on business and failure is quite unconventional but has proved worthwhile in the long run.

Jeff says he would not be where he is if he had not chosen to embrace failure. Here is one of his quotes on the subject “failed experiments are a necessary evil to creating successful inventions. Failure and inventions are inseparable”.

In a nutshell, failure is inevitable and the sooner you start failing, the sooner you start succeeding.

Choosing the right opportunity

In other cases, you might not know the kind of business to start even though you might already have access to capital.

Lack of resources

It is possible that you may have the right business idea(s) but lack the financial resources to implement those ideas.

All the above are valid and real reasons that can get in the way of starting a business. So how do you go ahead to start a business then?

How to start a business?

  • Come up with a business plan that is well thought out and one that addresses a need in the community, such that people will see your product a solution to an existing challenge
  • Toss fear out of the window and embrace your failures when you encounter them
  • Start with the little resource that is available to you or find the resources that you need. Be creative; where there is a will, there is a way.

There are many business start-up options to consider, and the online space is a great place to start. The reason stems from the fact that you could start an online retail store today in a matter of minutes without an initial cost and make a profit in less than 14 days.


With such opportunities before you and technologies that give you access to markets in your communities and cross-border ones, you should wake up, smell the coffee! And take advantage of these low-cost opportunities that can have handsome returns. There is no reason why you can’t start your own online business today.

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