The Real Meaning of B2B Marketing Trends In 2019 for Beauty Business Owners

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We’ve just ushered in 2019, and it’s time for business owners and marketers to revisit the main B2B marketing trends that have come up in order to appraise their B2B strategy. But it won’t be helpful to appraise your B2B strategy if you have no idea what they really mean for your business. We’ve taken the time to list out the 4 main B2B marketing trends in 2019 and explain what they really mean for your enterprise:

§  Visual content is the current trend in B2B Marketing

The population has developed a high appetite for visual content. This is because of the reduction of concentration spans and the busy lifestyles today. People no longer want to read blocks of text because they are time-consuming. In fact, according to research studies, customers are highly likely to recall visual content than text these days. This means that when you disseminated any piece of information, people are only able to recall 10% of it after three days. However, when you incorporate images into that information, they can recall 65% of it three days later. Also, marketers converge to the fact that visual marketing greatly contributes to engagement and building trust with the audience. So it’s a good idea to use high quality, relevant images in your content across all platforms. When making content, make sure it is easy for the eyes and include a lot f white space. Use other visual content, such as videos, audios, graphs, charts, and infographics to fortify your message.

§  The explosion of mobile is a notable B2B marketing trend this year

Statistically, over half of the people who search for products and services online use their mobile devices. Therefore, if mobile first concept is not in your marketing strategy, then you’re missing out on 50% of potential customers. According to Google, there are well over 4.5 billion people who use mobile devices in the world. This is a huge market; which is why you should direct a big chunk of your marketing budget to mobile. So if you’re running an online business, make sure your website is optimized for mobile.

§  The proliferation of new technology and automation will impact the way B2B businesses operate

The digital age has seen the upsurge of technologies and innovations that are supposed to make work easier for marketers and consumers. These technologies and innovations are also meant to beef up existing marketing campaigns. Automation has also seen innovative tools developed to help marketers reach their prospective customers, as well as personalize communications. Old school techniques are increasingly being abolished by businesses today because they are costly in the long run. You must take the time to reevaluate your use of marketing technologies and audit the tools you’re using right now to be able to compete in 2019.

§  Big data will impact the way B2B businesses are run in 2019

Big data algorithms, as well as advanced data analytics, allow marketers to transmit omnichannel customer experiences consistently across every channel and platform. Big data will impact how B2B businesses are run in 2019. Big data has a lot of benefits to businesses. It enhances your sales lead quality, Boosts customer experience on every level, and allows business managers to come up with effective business decisions. Without this big data, it will be hard to know your leads, and how to get in touch with them through personalized communications. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the big data and beef up your marketing campaigns.

While knowing the B2B marketing trends is good, it’s not enough. Marketers must be able to analyze the trends through knowing, deciphering and acting upon them. And marketers should also take the time to measure performance after responding to the B2B marketing trends.

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B2B Social Media Marketing and Social Media Trends

While business-to-business (B2B) marketing is increasingly becoming popular these days, some marketers and business owners still can’t appreciate its importance. The truth is that business owners and marketers tend to focus a lot of B2C marketing. It’s the purpose of this article to talk about how business owners and marketers can profit from social media marketing for B2B and the current trends in the niche that they need to wrap their minds around.

B2B Business owners and marketers can use social media for the following; connecting, collaborating and sharing.

§  How B2B business owners and marketers can use social media to connect

Social media is the new platform for business owners to connect with each other and their customers. Social media is a great tool for connecting because it allows people to send private messages, as well as enable real-time communications. It also enables people to connect through webcam. Business owners and marketers can leverage such social media capabilities to share their experience and expertise, and in turn, harness invaluable knowledge that will benefit their businesses.

§  How B2B business owners and marketers use social media to collaborate

Social media is a great platform for business owners and marketers to share invaluable information with each other. They, in turn, gain an array of business knowledge to benefit and scale their businesses.

§  How B2B business owners and marketers use social media to share

Social media is great because it lets business owners and marketers share the knowledge they have harnessed from different sources with their audience. This way, they become more credible in the eyes of their audience, and therefore, it allows their customer base to grow quickly.

With this rundown, you are now fully aware of the use of B2B social media marketing. So below, we are going to give you a rundown of B2B social media trends that are rising at a frantic pace.

§  B2B marketers are leveraging social media to make critical business decisions

The importance of social media to B2B marketers goes beyond connecting. Its use also encompasses decision making. Social media enables business owners and marketers to gather information relating to their target audience and utilize it to enhance their products and services or boost their marketing campaigns.

§  B2B marketers are leveraging social media to share epic content with friends and be in the know always

Some years back, social media was mainly used to network and to look for job opportunities. These days, professionals, marketers and business owners have flocked to social media to share content and to expand their knowledge base. They are also using social media to grow their personal brands. Social media platform like Facebook allows people to create business pages to showcase their brands. People can create Facebook business pages to engage prospective customers and introduce them to their businesses. Over time, people will develop trust in their brands and convert from random one-time buyers into brand evangelists.

§  Social media users are savvy enough, and they expect B2B businesses to interact with them

The modern-day customer is so savvy that they know that businesses are going the extra mile to reach out to them. So they expect businesses to interact with them directly via online support, feedback to comments, or updating information on their social media platforms. In other words, customers are expecting greater participation by B2B business owners.


All in all, when B2B business owners and marketers connect with their customers, they are required to be authentic in their replies and responses. And customers expect that all content put out by B2B business owners is high-quality, invaluable and factual. The market also expects B2B businesses to be completely open to product, service or business enhancement ideas.

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