Sell Cosmetics Online: 7 Shopify Apps to Maximize Conversion and Boost Sales


Cosmetics is a billion dollar industry, crowded with brands and names that are synonymous with personal care, beauty, and glamour.

Now that you are part of that world, rather than being scared by the prospect of competing against Estee Lauder or L’Oreal, focus on how to step away from the crowd and steal the spotlight.

Whether you are dropshipping, reselling or manufacturing your cosmetic products, knowing how to sell them and bring them closer to your customers is crucial.

If you are looking for a way to increase the conversion and sales numbers, look no further as we have the perfect solution for you – Apps.

We assume you are Shopify user (if you aren’t, you must migrate to Shopify immediately as it is the number one platform for cosmetic stores, brands, and businesses). With Shopify apps, not only you will sell cosmetics online like a real pro, but you will also be able to maximize conversion and boost sales.

7 Best Shopify Apps for Turning Your Visitors into Paying Customers

Here are our 7 nominees:

1.Swell (Rewards and Referrals)

Swell is an app that will help you build reward and referral program to keep your old customers and generate new leads.

Rewards loyalty program is a proven tactic to keep repeat customers at low cost – you encourage your customers to keep coming at your store for more products. Swell is an excellent tool that helps Shopify sellers build a customizable loyalty program with just one click.

With this app, your customers can earn points in many ways – interacting with you on social media, creating a store account, making more purchases, and more.


Metrilo is an all-in-one CRM, ecommerce analytics, and email marketing app. It not only integrates quickly with your Shopify store but it also syncs with your data. You will be able to see all of your customers’ information regarding orders in the system.

The app includes details about your visitors and purchasers, including revenue, on-site behavior, contact info, orders, tagging, segmentation, and more. It also has a powerful behavior tracking feature that allows you to segment your purchases by using 30 pre-set filters.

3.Bold Discounts

If you are looking for an app that helps you create flash sales, pop-up sales, and daily sales, look no further as Bold Discounts – the ultimate sale app is perfect for you.

This app helps you to schedule sales without vouchers or coupon codes by reducing product price in your store. You can target sale promotions for product collections, a specific product, brand, and etc.

Do you plan to create urgency? No worries! The app has a Countdown Timer feature that will help you create flash sales any time you want.


Aftership helps you track shipments and send delivery information automatically.

This app has been listed at the top of the Shopify App Store for a long time. With Aftership, you can automatically track all of your shipments in one place. The app supports over 380 countries from all over the world. It allows merchants to find any delivery information and automatically send out to customers when the package is in transit. The customer may also receive notifications for a failed attempt, delivery, exception, and more.

The Aftership app is perfect for sellers who care about customer service and want to show customers how much they care about their experience. The app is free to download.

5.Consistent Cart

Consistent cart boosts your revenue and lowers abandoned cart rate at the same time. How?

By adding back previous products to customers’ shopping cart when they log in from different devices.

Allow us to explain through an example: Let’s say a customer adds 3 products to his shopping cart, however, he doesn’t complete the order and instead he decides to check out later. When he logs in again on another laptop, tablet or mobile, his shopping cart is empty. He leaves your store and you, just like that, lose sales. This is the scenario without using Consistent Cart app.

This app helps you save products in the shopping cart at the time purchasers are logged in.

6.SEO Manager

If you want to make SEO simpler than ever – SEO Manager app is a perfect option for you.

We understand how non-tech store owners find Search Engine Optimization a challenge. However, you still have to manage SEO because it is one of the best and most effective channels to drive visitors and organic traffic to your online cosmetics store.

This app has over 20 features, from keyword suggestions and image ALT text issues scan to Google page speed integration, advanced meta settings, sitemap management, and much more.

Besides these features, SEO Manager does SEO scan to give you feedback about your overall SEO performance. Isn’t that great?

7.Subscriptions by ReCharge

ReCharge is a subscription customer portal for all Shopify merchants. If you are selling cosmetics on subscription (for example, organic cleanser, beauty products for acne, and etc.) this app makes the management process smoother for you.

This app helps your subscribers to change, skip, cancel or reschedule subscription with you on site. It is a very helpful app because it helps you avoid any unnecessary phone calls, emails or paperwork between you and your purchasers.

ReCharge makes it super easy for customers to edit their payment methods, as well as, shipping information so that subscription with your store is safe and convenient.

Sell Cosmetics Online: Summary

Besides great options and excellent features that drive results, their impeccable customer support makes these 7 apps go-to solutions.

The developers behind these Shopify apps dedicate much time and resources in improving the performance of their applications. Keep in mind that glitches and bugs may show up, however, you can always count on professional support to solve the problem for you in the shortest time possible.

With a well-designed Shopify store and these seven apps, you will have no troubles selling your cosmetics products online. More Info

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