Make Money Selling Makeup Online: 8 Lessons for Dropshipping The Products

Sell Cosmetics Online

Selling makeup online is a strategic approach for business owners and marketers starting a dropshipping business. Why?

Well because it offers a defined market and higher customer loyalty which are two of the greatest factors to succeed online.

One niche to consider dropshipping is makeup products. It is one of the most profitable ecommerce niches. Makeup products make a great option for dropshipping because they are repurchased and have a short shelf life.

To make money selling makeup online and maximize profits, use these 8 tips for successfully dropshipping products.

  1. Choose a Target Market

Makeup offers a broad range of products such as organic, anti-aging makeup products, and more. Before choosing a product range, consider your ideal customer to understand their needs and wants. Create research trends, buyer personas, and study the purchasing patterns of the customer. Once you’ve developed your target group, choose a range of products and define your marketing strategy.

Sell Cosmetics Online

  1. Cross-Selling and Product Bundling

Cross-selling and bundling products are a great way to boost sales by encouraging customers to buy more products per transaction. Most people use more products as part of their makeup routine. This gives you an opportunity to bundle products that can be used together, for example, a lip gloss with eyeshadows. Cross-sell by recommending products such as lipstick when a customer purchases a lip gloss.

  1. Build Brand Awareness

With 82% of customers looking for referrals from previous buyers before making a purchase, word-of-mouth marketing is an important tactic to include in the marketing strategy.

Make sure to use the reliance on customer recommendations by starting an organic conversation around your business, your online store, and the products you sell. Consider offering samples of some products to skincare influencers or makeup artists so they promote your product on social media or on their website or blog. Another way to make money selling makeup products is by offering a discount for anyone who leaves a review. You can start a positive conversation about your products among customers and this can help you reach a new potential audience.

  1. Build Meaningful Supplier Relationships

Most makeup products you source will be branded products from the manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor. Due to the existing reputation surrounding these products, you will need to establish friendly and professional relationships with the supplier. The supplier needs to trust that you will respect the brand’s image before allowing you to sell makeup online. This requires to build relationships with suppliers and gain their confidence and trust. This is an opportunity to prove you can maintain brand standards.

  1. Sell Online in Sub-Niches

Makeup is a broad niche with fierce competition from other big-name brands and dropshippers. Consider making a name for yourself and differentiating from the crowd by choosing a smaller sub-niche to operate in.

According to entrepreneurs, a sub-niche has less competition, as well as, higher profit margin. For example, you may consider selling all-natural makeup, luxury makeup, etc.

  1. Know All Restrictions and Regulations

Some countries and regions have different rules regarding the selling and marketing of makeup products online. Depending on where you sell, you will need to familiarize yourself and stay up-to-date on all the regulations of that region.

Here are a few examples:

  • European Union: The EU has much more rigid requirements for the ingredients involved in the production of makeup products. The US band 11 chemicals while EU bans 1328 chemicals.
  • Canada: Canada also has more strict rules that the US when it comes to ingredients. Canada also has labeling requirements for increased disclosure of beauty products.
  • China: China requires imported beauty products to be tested on animals in special government labs before it can be officially approved for sale.
  1. Consider Private Labeling

One option for makeup dropshippers is to private label. When you purchase a product from a manufacturer and sell it as your own hat is private labeling. The product’s formula now belongs to the supplier and the packaging will reflect your business’s information.

Personalization and branding are important in the makeup industry. Private labeling is a great option for retailers as it offers more control over branding and packaging while eliminating the need to come up with your own brand. Also, it saves you time and money while allowing you to have a customized beauty brand.

  1. Focus on Customers

Makeup products are repurchased which means your customers have a high lifetime value. Your marketing strategy should be focused on customer retention. There are plenty of opportunities to improve your customer’s loyalty to your brand.

You can create an email newsletter to remind them to purchase your product, develop a customer loyalty program, run social media giveaways, and more. You can engage with customers as much as possible to make sure they are loyal to your products.

Dropshipping is a great business model for selling makeup online. Beautyjoint,, Strawberrynet, and BornPretty are best dropship makeup suppliers in the US while MX Wholesale, AULOLA, Wholesale Deals, and The Wholesaler are some of the best dropship makeup suppliers in the UK.

When planning to dropship makeup online, you must find a reliable dropship supplier. After deciding the makeup products you want to sell, you must research the dropship suppliers available online. The main goal is to find 2-3 supplies that suit your business needs.

After identifying the supplier, you will need to contact them. Talk to the supplier to initiate a business relationship. You can get the contact information on the official supplier website.

After selecting the top dropship makeup suppliers, the next step is to order samples from them. The samples will help you test their service quality, packaging, and delivery times.

Before committing, talk to the supplier and get all the rules straight. Avoid suppliers with negative comments or reviews. The negative reviews indicate that the supplier doesn’t offer quality products and isn’t serious for business collaboration.

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