How to Choose the Best Template for Your Ecommerce Beauty Store

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Building an online beauty store is not difficult. All you need is to decide upon the products you want to sell, purchase a template, and add content.

Is your new template capable to share your brand story? Does it have all the features you need? Is it full of features but it’s just not you? This happens with every brand, every retailer, and seller who is new to the ecommerce beauty industry.

Choosing a template is not about finding the prettiest one. Here is how to choose the best template for your ecommerce beauty store.

What Is Your End Goal?

The first thing you have to look for is the purpose you are young to serve with your online beauty store.

If you have some beauty products then your goal is to sell online. The goal of an online store is to generate more revenue,

Your goal can be to inform people with your beauty tutorials or blog or just to demonstrate your products through a portfolio.

Make a Checklist of the Features You Need

What are the features you are looking for your online beauty store? What kind of product page do you want? Do you need an image gallery?

Knowing these features will narrow down the options and once you have decided upon the features, start separating out the beauty store themes and templates that don’t possess them.

These are some of the features that one might look for into their beauty website templates:

  • Perfect Design
  • Perfect Color Scheme
  • Header & Footer
  • Customer Winning Product Pages
  • Search Capability
  • Image Gallery
  • Category Pages
  • Navigation bar

How to Choose the Best Template

By answering these questions, you will be able to choose the best templates for beauty stores and websites.

  • Is the website visually appealing?

Your theme should be appealing to your beauty brand and business. Everybody has different tastes and styles when it comes to design. Try to take multiple opinions from people who have experience in web design. Make sure the template’s color scheme and appearance of your store suit your brand.

  • Does the theme identify with your brand?

Why are you selling your beauty products online? To build a brand identity, attract more customers, and generate more revenue.

The style of your beauty store website theme should fit your brand. This is one of the common mistakes people do when choosing a website theme.

A website selling beauty products has to look different from that of selling accessories or clothing.

  • Do you have enough space for images and text?

As a website template, there should be a display of product images. High-quality and beautiful photography supported with unique and well-drafted content makes the website look appealing.

Go for a template that has a lot of space for you to present banners or discounts, special offers, and more.

  • Is the theme customizable?

Some templates and themes allow you to customize many features such as adding CTA button, banners, and other features such as guest checkout, one-page checkout, modifying colors, and more.

While many templates and themes allow customization, their interface is a bit difficult to understand. It is best if you choose a beauty website theme that is easy to use and customize.

  • Is the theme responsive?

Whatever theme you choose for your online beauty store, it should be responsive. A responsive theme means your store should adopt whatever smart device size it is accessed or viewed from. Your customizers may access your online beauty store from a tablet or mobile.

Test your website on different devices to ensure it fits well all sizes and screens.

  • Is the ecommerce theme browser compatible?

Not all customers browse from the same internet browser. Each browser has a different configuration and supports different data formats.

To make sure you’ve selected the best theme for your beauty website, check the theme with all browsers in desktop and mobile versions like Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari.

  • Is the theme SEO friendly?

Search Engine Optimization means your website is built well to be found by Google. It is not good if you have a store ready and well equipped with features if nobody visits it. This can result in huge losses.

You need a theme that comes with SEO features and you don’t need to add extra.

It is worth to put up extra time to find the best eCommerce theme for your beauty store website but in the end, you have to check how much your sales and profit are affected. If you choose a great ecommerce beauty store template that suits well your brand, business, and products then it is likely to give you greater success.

5 Best Shopify Themes for Beauty Stores

Shopify is the best ecommerce website builder and the simplest way to build your own beauty store online. Shopify can provide you with the best themes and templates for beauty stores. Whether you need to create a website to sell makeup, skincare products or cosmetics, you have to check these Shopify themes.

These five themes are made for online beauty stores and come with great features like Instagram integration, free stock photos, SEO optimization, Google Web Fonts, drag-and-drop page builders, sliders, multi-language support, contact forms, and much more. They are compatible with all devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

  • Pacific-Cool Shopify Theme – Support for large inventories, responsive layout, an Instagram feed, and more.
  • Cosmetics Store Responsive Theme Shopify – A responsive layout, SEO-friendly code, a modern design, unlimited banners, and more.
  • SpaZone – Massage Parlour Theme – A section for customer testimonials, SEO optimization, social sharing buttons, etc.
  • New Skin – Clean and Simple Shopify Theme – A blog, newsletter subscription forms, product sorting options, a visual page builder, etc.
  • Glamour Cosmetics Shopify Theme – A responsive layout, a dropdown menu, a clean design, and more.

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