Effective Branding & Marketing Ideas for Your Beauty Business

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The global beauty market is predicted to develop and grow to $750 billion by 2024. Ecommerce sales and online growth have been especially strong.

If you are building, growing or promoting your beauty business, you have a lot of competition making it tough to stand out.

To help you, we’ve gathered useful branding and marketing tips to help your beauty brand reach and connect with prospects. You can’t just go and tell people to purchase your products. You have to have a strategy.

If you are not satisfied with the growth of your business brand, here are a few branding ideas to make your beauty business like a pro.

Be An Innovator

If you want to build a successful beauty business you need to be an innovator in your market. Design thinking sounds like something that is for creative thinkers only, however, anyone can take advantage of the process.

Design thinking is a technique used by designers to solve problems for clients. Although this process may have originated with creatives and designers, the business world has started to take notice because of its speed, ability, and innovation it guarantees.

When Megan Cox launched her business – Amalie Beauty to solve a personal problem she destroyed her eyelashes and found a product that could repair them. She implemented design thinking to create a flagship product – Wink, a natural oil designed to promote regrowth of lashes. Thanks to her chemistry education she created the product’s formulation and discovered that creative thinking was the major factor in her business success.

Today, Amalie Beauty is a very popular business. What started with a personal problem expanded into a thriving business and all thanks to innovation, persistence, and hard work.

Get To Know Your Customers

Beauty brands need to be customer-focused and feedback-driven in order to achieve success. With customers reliant upon the opinions and referrals of their friends, getting in front of the market is important.

If you are not actively engaged, you can’t take advantage of the digital marketplace.

The beauty market is currently in a period of transformation as more and more businesses integrate feedback into the product design process.

One example of a brand that has taken customer input and used it as a competitive advantage is Glossier. The brand runs a Slack channel and invites customers to discuss beauty-related topics. This includes asking comments on existing products, gathering ideas, and sharing tips.

If your beauty business isn’t ready to run an online community, there are other ways to bring customers closer.

You can use social media presence, post questions, and run short surveys or host a poll to get quick feedback on an idea.

Your customers are not just important for the money they spend on your beauty products. They are an important source of ideas so don’t miss out on the opportunity of listening to what they have to offer.

Design Matters – Make a Good First Impression

When marketing a beauty business, making a good first impression is very important. Did you know that almost 50% of customers report that their first purchase is the most important one in deciding if they will develop brand loyalty?

With thousands of beauty products available online, having a professionally designed logo, an eye-catching website, and packaging design is key to making a good first impression.

An interesting product packaging and package graphics set the stage for beauty products that are visual-based products.

You need to make sure your customer’s experience is visually striking from the very beginning. This is essential when it comes to beauty products and purchasing experience.

Attractive packaging design is a motivator in encouraging people to make better and more impulsive choices. Taking advantage of this behavior with good designs can have an impact on customer’s receptiveness to your beauty products.

Be Consistent

One of the best ways to market your beauty business and be good at it is to be consistent. 90% of customers expect that their experience with a brand will be similar across devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.) and platforms.

They expect a seamless transition between devices and applications through flow, color, and quality. Brand consistency involves the communication of messages in a smooth and natural way. While some aspects of branding might change, your brand identity and the core message shouldn’t change.

Successful brands have one thing in common – they all have a consistent look and feel in everything they present in front of the customers. One of the many benefits of consistency is that it ensures easy recognition of any products among customers and beauty brands are no exception when it comes to benefiting from cohesive branding experience.

Sell Cosmetics Online

It doesn’t matter whether you market your business on Facebook, Instagram, your website or blog, remember to be consistent.

Be Natural and Sustainable

Customers want to know what ingredients are included in your products and where they are coming from. The more organic and natural they are, the more likely they are going to be purchased.

Research shows that this trend continues for people choosing less food-based, intense, probiotic, and toxins-free ingredients. The demand for organic beauty products is expected to grow more in the future.

Big names and successful beauty stores are taking notice. For example, Sephora offers a wide variety of natural products including Drunk Elephant which is one of the most popular and fastest-growing names in Sephora’s stores.

Tiffany Masterson, the founder of Drunk Elephant created the company after discovering that common skincare ingredients were responsive for her complexion woes, for instance, fragrance and dyes, essential oils, silicones, sodium lauryl sulfate, and others.

Not finding products that didn’t contain at least one of the ingredients, she decided to create her own beauty line and from that, a new brand was born.

Are you ready to make your branding and marketing your beauty business as beautiful as your product? Use these ideas to level up your beauty brand and attract as many new customers as possible.

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