Design and Market Your Beauty Business: 7 Strategies to Crush 2019

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The cosmetic market and beauty consumption have grown exponentially in the past five years. The global personal care and beauty industry is expected to continue growing. Beauty businesses are facing challenges not just in ecommerce bit in customer behavior as well.

The digital world has taken the beauty e commerce industry to a higher level. Today, it is easier than ever to communicate with customers globally through channels, platforms, and content. If you want to design and market your business like a pro, try to incorporate these strategies into your marketing activities.

  1. Create a Community

Beauty and cosmetic companies must take advantage of the inner desire of millennials to connect with businesses and brands to share their experience and become a part of the beauty brand they resonate with.

Companies today must invest in creating communities of customers via social media and other online platforms. As a beauty marketer, it is important to find your brand voice and stick to the focus of your brand. You need to inspire customers to share their beauty inspiration, feedback, and tips within the groups. Share special promotions and offers as exclusive members-only offers and collaborate with beauty experts to help people solve their problems. Your main goal is to retain customers, as well as, strengthen their connection to your brand.

Sell Cosmetics Online

  1. Add Testimonials To Your Website

The best way to market a beauty business is through customers. Yes, happy and satisfied customers are the best advertisement. A positive comment or a testimonial is one of the most powerful influences in a decision-making process. You can shorten your customers’ research process by handing them valuable links and information related to the product. If someone writes a review of your products, ass a link in the description and wait for sales to go up.

  1. Use the Potential of Content Marketing

Content marketing is another powerful strategy when it comes to marketing a beauty business. It is all about presenting valuable and relevant content to acquire and engage your potential customers. This strategy should be included in your business plan.

Here are a few content marketing ideas you can use:

  • Create how-to tutorials and videos to teach people how to set up their daily skincare routine.
  • Have a newsletter subscriber list and use it to send special offers and promotions to your current and potential customers.
  • Go live and broadcast your message in real-time on social media. Online video content is an easy way to boost organic reach.
  • Survey customers to get access to the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. You can do this via quizzes and fun interactive content which you can integrate on your website.
  • Interview experts from the beauty industry. You can also reach out to influencers and bloggers who are into cosmetics or beauty.
  1. Find New Customers Through Social Listening

Social listening is the process of analyzing your beauty brand’s online presence. It involves searching and monitoring online conversions about your business, its products, customer service, competitors, and more.

There are social listening software that can help you with this. Mention and Brand24 are two best social listening software you can use. Choose keywords that are relevant to your company, for example, skincare routine, vegan serum, best organic cosmetics, and more. The software will include all online mentions where you can engage with all potential customers.

  1. Build Your Personal Brand

The ultimate power of personal branding can leverage your business authenticity. It also brings extra PR and other resources in the marketing strategy mix.

When building a personal brand, it is important to focus on the human side. Your business started with a unique store, based on your skills, aspirations, and dreams. Don’t hesitate to spread the word about it.

Here are a few tips that can help you personalize your beauty brand:

  • Share your challenges, knowledge, and plans for the near future. This can help you build a strong position as an industry leader.
  • Write articles or blog posts and tell your story on LinkedIn, Medium or on your favorite social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • Talk about your company’s mission and vision and initiate conversations with your potential customers. Did you know that 90% of customers want businesses to tell stories through their marketing and advertising?
  • Maintain relationships with influencers and beauty magazines who cover reviews on the beauty industry and products to generate positive hype.
  1. Press the Unique Difference

Your website reflects who you are so make sure they include all the information your customers and media need these days. You can build a press page where you can present all business news, press articles, interviews, blogger reviews, awards, and more.

This step will make a huge difference in marketing your beauty business online. If you need inspiration, check out how beauty brands Mad Hippie and Youth To The People have presented their stories. You can create a folder with business assets including your logo or beautiful photos of your beauty products and cosmetics. The media can access what they need and what you want them to see about your business.

  1. Content Ideas to Boost Your Beauty Marketing

One of the challenges for marketers is coming up with new, fresh ideas for content. Check out these ideas you can use for your beauty business marketing:

  • Publish “before and after” photos to prove the effectiveness and quality of your products.
  • Publish Instagramable and visually appealing content. If you have the budget, you can collaborate with a talented and professional photographer.
  • Collaborate with beauty makeup artists – they love quality cosmetics and many share their skincare routine, tips, and tricks online. It is a powerful way to attract new customers.
  • Offer a free gateway and keep it as creative and fun as possible.

In the competitive e commerce beauty industry, owning a beauty brand with quality products is not enough. You have to work hard to tell your story and make sure your customers are exposed to it.

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