5 Secrets to Selling Beauty Products Online

Sell Cosmetics Online

When selling beauty products online or running a cosmetic business, you have a great advantage. The products you offer, are an everyday part of life, for most people. This means you have to do less convincing that the product is a need and not a luxury.

There are many new and established cosmetic brands in any market. You as an entrepreneur has to deal with the competition to survive and move ahead in the tough market conditions. Your brand needs a business promotion plan to tackle the competition and become a leader in your niche. There are no shortcuts to reach success but there are secret tips that can help you sell beauty products online and maximize your sales. 

#1. Cross-Marketing Collaborations

The majority of cosmetic and beauty sales are motivated by the emotional needs of the customers. We humans have a common need. We want to be valued, cherished and desired. Some purchase expensive things to achieve this goal, others go to the gym, and there are a group of women and men who purchase cosmetics to attain this feeling.

Sell Cosmetics Online With Emotions

If you are thinking about selling cosmetics online thinking about the fact that all beauty and cosmetic purchases are driven by emotions and the industry is an answer to feeling desirable, feeling cared for, creating rituals that make you feel special, and transforming your look to express who you want to be.

Understanding the emotional needs of your customers will guide you to cross-marketing collaboration. When it comes to marketing, collaborating with those beyond the industry can be a powerful and seamless move.

People will purchase your products just because they make them feel good.

Sell Cosmetics Online

Get to Know Your Customers

Start with the person whose money you want to attract. Who is she or he, what blogs does she visit, what Instagram profiles does she follow, how does she contact with your brand?

Get on your social media platforms and browse through the followers. Click through a few profiles to get a sense of personality. This can be boring, but if you want to sell cosmetics online successfully, this is the key to getting in front of your audience.

Find your Beauty Hashtags

If your customer doesn’t lead to potential influencers, start thinking hashtags.

If you are going to sell beauty products online, you need to get back to the emotional needs of the customers. Start searching hashtags that align with the need, for example, #youngmom, #fitmom, #fitlife, #getoutside.

The hashtags will lead you to potential customers and popular influencers. Follow your customers and get in front of them. Don’t wait for them to find you.

#2. Approaching Influencers

The end goal of your business plan is to feed your profits and to do that you need to focus on three funnels – Exposure, Email List, and Sales.

If you are going to sell cosmetic products online, you should have a strategy that touches on all three aspects.


To accomplish the goal of exposure, you may create a campaign that is based on a 30-day challenge. This strategy feeds your business goal and meeting the emotional needs of the customer.

You can gather content that includes healthy foods, motivational quotes, and organic products from your line.

Email List

For the 30-day challenge, create a landing page. The landing page will be a spin-off from your site or your collaborators’ site. The goal is to have both of you represented. This is a great opportunity for giveaways.


This provides a great opportunity to sell cosmetics online and boost those sales by designing a package that will speak to your audience.

#3. Create a Virtual Experience

It is time to take your brand to the next level by owning your market share. One of the best ways to sell cosmetics online is to position yourself as a leader by organizing a virtual tour.

You decide on the theme, which influencers to invite, and how many.

Virtual Experience Themes

If you are going to sell cosmetics online, customer’s need is always a good starting point. Your customers need to feel a benefit from the information you are providing. In order to stand out, you have to get into their hearts.

Virtual Tour Example

The most successful and powerful collaborations are well-thought-out. It is essential to take ownership of the structure.

Choose a theme for your virtual experience. This can help you be concise and communicate with your customers and collaborator.

When deciding your themes, which influencers to invite, etc. consider what is the best hashtag that my collaborator and I share, which influencers can I see using my products, and am I speaking directly to my customers?

Virtual Tour Structure

You can expect a successful tour to take four weeks. Here is a simple guideline:

  • Decide a theme
  • Decide the length (5, 7, 15 days)
  • Decide the medium (social media, website, blog)
  • Timeline (reach out, put together content, promotion period, and launch)
  • Create an opt-in page
  • Create copy and digital images

#4. Product Bundles

When selling cosmetics online, it is important to get in front of your customers offering them a product that perfectly fits into their daily routine.

The Magic Price Point

Most cosmetic and beauty products fall in the price range of under $39.99. Selling between $10 and $39.99 has been so effective that brands are basing their business models around it.

Beauty Products Bundles

You need to figure out what kinds of bundles are right for your customers. Forbes Magazine has published articles on product-bundling and its power as a selling strategy.

When deciding your product bundles, here are a few factors to keep in mind:

  • What are your top 5 bestsellers?
  • What is your most popular price?
  • How do your customers interact with your products?
  • What is easy to package and ship together?

You must be strategic with how you create and promote your product bundles. You may offer an exclusive offer of bundles, offer a free bundle in exchange for taking a survey, create a flash sale promotion, etc.

#5. Create Viral Content

It is time to go viral!

For your campaign to have more chance of going viral, it is strategic to think about your brand’s personality.

Cosmetic Brand Personality

To get to know your brand’s personality, consider what you want to convey to your customers. This will help you uncover blind spots in your communication such as product selection, messaging, and how to sell cosmetics online.

Determine what benefits does your brand offer. Do you keep the promises you make? Do you find ways to add extra value?

Creating a viral campaign has a lot to do with your customers. By getting to know their perception of your brand, it is easier to create emotional attraction.

Get Inspired on Social Media

Impress your audience with what your products can do. There are so many opportunities for creating a viral content true to the personality of your brand.

I hope you find this article helpful and gained some good tips for your online beauty business.

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